WWR Calendar with linked result sheets
Results will be shown in a red font and added to the table as they are received

Division ADivision BDivision COpenTeamOther, U14/16, 'P', etc.
30th Sep - 1st Oct 1978Leven Wild Water Test
7th Oct - 8th Oct 1978
14th Oct - 15th Oct 1978
21st Oct - 22nd Oct 1978Leven Wild Water Test
28th Oct - 29th Oct 1978
4th Nov - 5th Nov 1978Dee Race 1Dee Race 1
11th Nov - 12th Nov 1978Upper Wharfe Race 1Upper Wharfe Race 1Leven Wild Water Test
Washburn Trial
18th Nov - 19th Nov 1978EdenSwaleEden
25th Nov - 26th Nov 1978TayNorth Tyne Race 1
North Tyne Race 1
2nd Dec - 3rd Dec 1978Usk Race 1Usk Race 1Leven Wild Water Test
9th Dec - 10th Dec 1978Dee Race 2Dee Race 2
16th Dec - 17th Dec 1978Tees Race 1Tees Race 1
23rd Dec - 24th Dec 1978
30th Dec - 31st Dec 1978
6th Jan - 7th Jan 1979TeithTees Race 2
Tees Race 2
Tees Race 2
13th Jan - 14th Jan 1979Dee Race 3Leven Wild Water Test
20th Jan - 21st Jan 1979Usk Race 2Usk Race 2
27th Jan - 28th Jan 1979DartDart
3rd Feb - 4th Feb 1979Tees Race 3Tees Race 3
10th Feb - 11th Feb 1979ClydeClydeLeven Wild Water Test
17th Feb - 18th Feb 1979North Tyne Race 2
North Tyne Race 2
24th Feb - 25th Feb 1979Barrie
3rd Mar - 4th Mar 1979Upper Wharfe Race 2
Trent - Stone
Upper Wharfe Race 2
Trent - Stone
Trent - Stone U14/U16
10th Mar - 11th Mar 1979NeneNeneLeven Wild Water Test
17th Mar - 18th Mar 1979GrandtullyGrandtully
24th Mar - 25th Mar 1979Leven Wild Water Test
31st Mar - 1st Apr 1979
7th Apr - 8th Apr 1979TrywerynTryweryn
14th Apr - 15th Apr 1979
21st Apr - 22nd Apr 1979AweAwe
28th Apr - 29th Apr 1979TrywerwynTrywerwyn
5th May - 6th May 1979Tryweryn British Open
12th May - 13th May 1979
19th May - 20th May 1979
26th May - 27th May 1979
Date UnknownNith