WWR Calendar with linked result sheets
Results will be shown in a red font and added to the table as they are received

Ranking EventOpen EventOther
31st Aug - 1st Sep 1974Liffey Descent
5th Oct - 6th Oct 1974Leven WW Test
12th Oct - 13th Oct 1974
19th Oct - 20th Oct 1974
26th Oct - 27th Oct 1974TrywerynLeven WW Test
2nd Nov - 3rd Nov 1974Dee Race 1
9th Nov - 10th Nov 1974Northumberland (North Tyne) 1Leven WW Test
16th Nov - 17th Nov 1974Eden
23rd Nov - 24th Nov 1974Wharfe Race 1
Royal Deeside
30th Nov - 1st Dec 1974
7th Dec - 8th Dec 1974Usk Race 1
14th Dec - 15th Dec 1974Tees Race 1B.U.S.F. Dee
21st Dec - 22nd Dec 1974
28th Dec - 29th Dec 1974Northumberland (North Tyne) 2
4th Jan - 5th Jan 1975Tees Race 2
11th Jan - 12th Jan 1975Dee Race 2
Tay Race 1
18th Jan - 19th Jan 1975Usk Race 2
Leven WW Test
25th Jan - 26th Jan 1975Nith
1st Feb - 2nd Feb 1975Tay Race 2Tees Race 3
8th Feb - 9th Feb 1975Dee Race 3
15th Feb - 16th Feb 1975British OpenLeven WW Test
22nd Feb - 23rd Feb 1975Northumberland (North Tyne) Race 3
1st Mar - 2nd Mar 1975Wharfe Race 2
8th Mar - 9th Mar 1975
19th Apr - 20th Apr 1975
26th Apr - 27th Apr 1975Tryweryn
17th May - 18th May 1975
24th May - 25th May 1975Awe
31st May - 1st Jun 1975
7th Jun - 8th Jun 1975Tay Race 3
9th Aug - 10th Aug 1975Clywedog