Slalom Calendar with linked result sheets
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Division 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Novice / Open Events
5th Mar - 6th Mar 1977Shepperton
12th Mar - 13th Mar 1977AppletreewickDuck Mill
19th Mar - 20th Mar 1977Denham Mill
26th Mar - 27th Mar 1977Netherton BridgeMarple
Netherton Bridge
2nd Apr - 3rd Apr 1977Symonds YatShepperton
Myrtle Park
9th Apr - 10th Apr 1977Grandtully
16th Apr - 17th Apr 1977Glasshouses
23rd Apr - 24th Apr 1977Old WindsorLlandyssulLlandyssul
Hambleden Weir
Hellesdon Mill
30th Apr - 1st May 1977Bala MillTeith
7th May - 8th May 1977Linton LocksStone
Finchale Abbey
14th May - 15th May 1977Hambleden WeirIron BridgeGlasshouses
21st May - 22nd May 1977Easby AbbeyEasby Abbey
28th May - 29th May
- 30th May 1977
4th Jun - 5th Jun 1977Trywerwyn International
11th Jun - 12th Jun 1977Elan ValleyCarlisle
18th Jun - 19th Jun 1977Iron Bridge
25th Jun - 26th Jun 1977Chetser weir
2nd Jul - 3rd Jul 1977LintonPipe Bridge
9th Jul - 10th Jul 1977
16th Jul - 17th Jul 1977
23rd Jul - 24th Jul 1977
30th Jul - 31st Jul 1977
6th Aug - 7th Aug 1977
13th Aug - 14th Aug 1977
20th Aug - 21st Aug 1977AweAwe
27th Aug - 28th Aug 1977
3rd Sep - 4th Sep 1977Iron BridgeIron Bridge
10th Sep - 11th Sep 1977WhorltonWhorlton
17th Sep - 18th Sep 1977MatlockTeviot Bridge
Scottish Championships
24th Sep - 25th Sep 1977Serpent's TailWest Tanfield
1st Oct - 2nd Oct 1977Shepperton
8th Oct - 9th Oct 1977Llangollen TownComrie
15th Oct - 16th Oct 1977Builth wellsPotarchPotarch
22nd Oct - 23rd Oct 1977LlandysulBury St Edmunds
29th Oct - 30th Oct 1977LudlowLudlow