Slalom Calendar with linked result sheets
Results will be shown in a red font and added to the table as they are received

Dates of CompetitionsDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Other
6th Apr - 7th Apr 1963
13th Apr - 14th Apr 1963GrandtullyGrandtully
20th Apr - 21st Apr 1963Dinkey FerryDinkey Ferry
27th Apr - 28th Apr 1963HambledenHambleden
4th May - 5th May 1963SheppertonShepperton
11th May - 12th May 1963Serpents TailSerpents TailPerthPerth
18th May - 19th May 1963Bevere Weir
25th May - 26th May 1963
1st Jun - 2nd Jun 1963ThistlebrigThistlebrig
8th Jun - 9th Jun 1963Marsh LockMarsh Lock
15th Jun - 16th Jun 1963Carlisle
22nd Jun - 23rd Jun 1963SheppertonShepperton
29th Jun - 30th Jun 1963
6th Jul - 7th Jul 1963
13th Jul - 14th Jul 1963
20th Jul - 21st Jul 1963Marsh Lock (poss cancelled)Marsh Lock (poss cancelled)
27th Jul - 28th Jul 1963
3rd Aug - 4th Aug 1963PerthPerth
10th Aug - 11th Aug 1963
17th Aug - 18th Aug 1963SwarkestoneSwarkestone
24th Aug - 25th Aug 1963
31st Aug - 1st Sep 1963Marsh LockMarsh Lock
7th Sep - 8th Sep 1963Leven (Graveyard)Leven (Graveyard)
14th Sep - 15th Sep 1963
21st Sep - 22nd Sep 1963
28th Sep - 29th Sep 1963Marsh LockMarsh Lock
5th Oct - 6th Oct 1963Builth WellsBuilth Wells
12th Oct - 13th Oct 1963TanfieldTanfield
19th Oct - 20th Oct 1963