Slalom Calendar with linked result sheets

Results will be shown in a red font and added to the table as they are received

PremierDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Open Events
18th Feb - 19th Feb 2006BUSA Canoe Slalom Champs
25th Feb - 26th Feb 2006
4th Mar - 5th Mar 2006SheppertonShepperton
11th Mar - 12th Mar 2006StoneStone
18th Mar - 19th Mar 2006Tees BarrageTees Barrage
25th Mar - 26th Mar 2006Holme PierrepontSowerby BridgeSowerby Bridge
1st Apr - 2nd Apr 2006Canolfan TrywerynCanolfan TrywerynYalding WeirYalding Weir
8th Apr - 9th Apr 2006GrandtullyGrandtullyOughtibridgeOughtibridgePan Celtic Cup
15th Apr - 16th Apr 2006GrandtullyMarple Marple
22nd Apr - 23rd Apr 2006MatlockMatlock
29th Apr - 30th Apr 2006Bala Mill Bala Mill Bala Mill Selection Race Senior, U23 & University teams
6th May - 7th May 2006FairnileeFairnilee
Wagon Lane
Wagon Lane
RAF Championships
13th May - 14th May 2006Seaton ParkSeaton Park
20th May - 21st May 2006Orton MereOrton Mere
Yair Pool Short course
27th May - 28th May 2006LlandysulLlandysul
River Loddon
River LoddonBritish Veterans Champs + British Under 14/16/18 Champs
1st Jun - 4th Jun 2006Langham Farm
Langham Farm
Hatfield Water Park
Scottish Schools Champs
Land Command and Army Slalom
10th Jun - 11th Jun 2006Holme PierrepontHolme PierrepontSowerby BridgeSowerby Bridge
North Walls
17th Jun - 18th Jun 2006Holme PierrepontHolme PierrepontFairnileeFairnileeFairnileePan Celtic Cup
24th Jun - 25th Jun 2006Bala MillBala MillCardingtonCardingtonCardington
1st Jul - 2nd Jul 2006WashburnSheppertonShepperton
8th Jul - 9th Jul 2006Iron BridgeIron Bridge
15th Jul - 16th Jul 2006Orton Mere
Orton Mere
22nd Jul - 23rd Jul 2006WashburnStoneStone
29th Jul - 30th Jul 2006Canolfan TrywerynCanolfan TrywerynPan Celtic Cup
5th Aug - 6th Aug 2006
12th Aug - 13th Aug 2006Nene White Water CentreNene White Water CentreNene White Water Centre
19th Aug - 20th Aug 2006Llandysul
Scottish Junior U14/U16 Champs
26th Aug - 27th Aug 2006GrandtullyGrandtullyEuropean Junior & U23 Champs
2nd Sep - 3rd Sep 2006WashburnWashburnCardingtonCardington
9th Sep - 10th Sep 2006Inter-Club Championships
16th Sep - 17th Sep 2006Holme PierrepontHolme PierrepontBala MillBala Mill
Bala Mill
23rd Sep - 24th Sep 2006SheppertonShepperton
West Tanfield
West Tanfield
30th Sep - 1st Oct 2006LlandysulLlandysulPrincess Quay
7th Oct - 8th Oct 2006StoneStoneScottish Slalom Champs
14th Oct - 15th Oct 2006Sowerby BridgeSowerby Bridge
21st Oct - 22nd Oct 2006Llangollen TownLlangollen TownLlangollen Town Inter Regional Finals
28th Oct - 29th Oct 2006Yalding WeirYalding WeirBritish Open Championships + Llangollen Class C International