We recognise that there is a need to keep copies of magazines and news letters, that may not be directly involved with competition canoeing, as such we created a facility that will cover all disciplines including non – competitive Kayaking / Canoeing


Canoe Polo

Wild Water Racing

Sprint Racing

Marathon Racing

Sea Kayaking

As you may be aware, the Canoeing Results (also Canoeing Photos) website is currently funded by an individual member of the group. However, it has been suggested that the longevity of the site and the data held on the website would be ensured by setting up a donation facility, should anyone feel they wish to help with the costs incurred. The overheads involved in the maintenance of this site include: the purchase of a number of licences and the annual expenses required to run the two websites; the postage costs incurred regarding the collecting of data from individual contributors and the purchase of scanners and other software required for processing the data received.
NB. Please note, these are entirely non-profit making websites.