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Canoe Kayak 1989 It was a one off produced by Mike Druce and the money raised was a fundraiser for the GB team going to the 1989 Worlds at Savage River.

Every Second Counts, Physical preparation for canoe slalom, written in 1992 by Jim Jayes

Pacing a canoe slalom race run, Prior to racing it is a good idea to test what pace is achievable for a race run, written in 2016 by Jim Jayes

The Art in Sport, The ability to create sporting performance, written in 2016 by Jim Jayes

Feedback Magazine, Richard Fox initially created the Feedback Magazine (11 Issues 1982 – 1984), which was the fore runner to Canoe Slalom Magazine

Slalom Canoeing, It was a booklet explaining what is involved to compete in Slalom, written by the BCU Slalom Committee 1987

Canoe Slalom Magazine, Richard Fox teamed up with Joe Lyons to create this extremely successful publication (35 Issues 1985 – 1991). They have kindly given their permission for us to share copies of the magazines we have been loaned and scanned, spanning from the 1980s & 1990s. It would appear that we have almost the entire collection, with the possible exception of a few magazines. As the magazines are published they will appear in a red font on the table. Should you have in your possession a copy of a magazine that is not listed and would be willing to share it on the website please contact us here.

White Water Magazine, was originally started in 1953 by Chalfont Park Canoe Club and ran through as a quarterly production until Winter 1963. In 1966 the publication was resurrected by Manchester Canoe Club, running through to Autumn 1972. In April 1973 production was again reinstated, this time by the BCU Slalom Committee as their official publication, wisely expressing that ‘opinions… are not necessarily those of the Committee’. In November 1982 the final copy was produced and in January 1983 White Water was successfully rebranded as ”Canoeist’, upgraded to a glossy cover and produced monthly on a commercial basis.
So that we may guide our readers to the complete digitised collection of White Water Magazines the link  above leads to the Chalfont Park Canoe Club archive. This is the only known complete set in existence
N.B. all WW Magazine issues are copyright Stuart Fisher