We have covered 3 specific Championship Competition areas

A, National Ranking Championships

The Competitor at the head of the ranking list for each Premier Division category is the champion for that category in that year.

B, British Open Slalom Championship

A competition held at the end of the season, in Senior and Junior categories for Competitors who qualify from Premier and Division 1 and for others invited by the organising committee

C, United Kingdom Championship  

The UK champion will be the winner of senior selection unless, as specified in the managed calendar each year, that a United Kingdom championship race is to be held. The race will normally be held under a championship race format.

Please note that :-
Name * = result taken from a printed result sheets
Name ** = result believed to be correct but not substantiated with documentation

YearBritish National
Philip Hayward Rosebowl
British National
Under 23
Slalom Committee Trophy
British Junior
Under 18
Colin Ralph Trophy
British Junior
Under 16
IBM Trophy
British National
Rasdex Trophy
British Open
British Open
Under 23
British Open
British Open
UK National
UK National
Under 23
UK National
Under 18
1962Dave Mitchell
1963Dave Mitchell
1964Dave Mitchell
1965Dave Mitchell
1966Dave Mitchell
1967Dave Mitchell
1968Ken Langford Ray Calverley **
1969Ray Calverley
1970Dave Mitchell
1971Dave Mitchell
1972Ray Calverley
1973Ray Calverley
1974Ray Calverley
1975Nicky Wain
1976Martyn Peters
1977Nicky Wain Martyn Peters *
1978Nicky Wain
1979Albert Kerr Richard Fox *
1980Richard Fox Richard Fox *
1981Richard Fox
1982Richard Fox Andrew GladwinChristopher ArrowsmithFred Doodey
1983Richard Fox Rob WelshIan RaspinFred Doodey
Ray Calverley
1984Richard Fox Ian RaspinDavid CrosbeeRay CalverleyRichard Fox *
1985Jim Jayes Ian RaspinShaun PearceP.Gagnan (CAN) *
1986Russ Smith David CrosbeeMatthew StephensAlan Edge
1987Russ Smith Shaun PearceMatthew Stephens
1988Richard Fox Kim GasterKevern KerswellLen Shackleton
1989Richard Fox Matthew StephensLeo HoareRuss Smith
1990Shaun Pearce Paul RatcliffeJames CroftBob GrundyShaun Pearce
1991Richard Fox James CroftStuart BowmanSimon FordIan RaspinSimon Ford
1992Melvyn Jones James CroftNeil BuckleyBob GrundyAndrew RaspinKeith Brown
1993Shaun Pearce Tim MorrisonAlex BurtClive RichardsonAndrew RaspinTim MorrisonKeith Brown
1994Shaun Pearce Neil BuckleyDaniel CookKeith BrownIan RaspinNeil BuckleyIan Bownes
1995Shaun Pearce Campbell WalshBarry PatonKeith BrownTim MorrisonAndrew RodenMick Berwick
1996Shaun Pearce Timothy BallieSimon JacksonKevin CampbellAndrew RaspinTimothy BallieKeith Brown
1997Shaun Pearce Alan CardyDaniel LomasKevin CampbellIan RaspinAlan CardyRob Soothill
1998Shaun Pearce Simon JacksonDaniel GoddardRob SoothillShaun Pearce Simon JacksonRob Soothill
1999Paul Ratcliffe Richard HownslowTom WakelingRob SoothillAndrew RaspinRichard HownslowStuart Simpson
2000Neil Buckley Sam LyonsRyan YatesNick KellyTim MorrisonRyan YatesStuart Simpson
2001Paul Ratcliffe Ryan YatesAynsley BuggyNick KellySimon JacksonRyan YatesStuart SimpsonPaul RatcliffeSimon JacksonRyan Yates
2002Paul Ratcliffe Aynsley BuggyAndrew MarshallAndrew NormanRichard HownslowAndrew HadfieldStuart SimpsonPaul RatcliffeTimothy BallieAynsley Buggy
2003Paul Ratcliffe Rob NeaveNathan StevensonNick KellyNeil BuckleyGreg HitchenStuart SimpsonPaul RatcliffeHuw SwetnamGreg Hitchen
2004Alan Cardy Richard HownslowNathan StevensonJames MugfordNick KellyCampbell Walsh Andrew MarshallTim Pearson
2005Campbell Walsh Tom WakelingNathan StevensonJames BaileyNick KellyCampbell Walsh Rob NeaveJames MugfordSteve Briggs
2006Neil Caffrey Rob NeaveJonathan AkinyemiJoseph CoombsNick KellyCampbell Walsh Rob NeaveJames BaileyRichard Lee
2007Neil Caffrey Rob NeaveJoe MorleyTom BradyNick KellyJ.Boula de Marevil (FRA)Greg HitchenToby JonesSteve Briggs
2008Richard HownslowRob NeaveTom BradyZac FranklinPeter ParkerHuw SwetnamJoe MorleyJoe ClarkeNot Awarded
2009Campbell Walsh Tom BradyTom BradyCiaran Lee-EdwardsShaun WildeHuw SwetnamJames BaileyTom BradyTim Merrick
2010Campbell Walsh Joe MorleyJoe ClarkeBradly Forbes-CryansBob GrundyJoe ClarkeJoe CoombesCiaran Lee-EdwardsTim Merrick
2011Campbell Walsh Joe ClarkeCiaran Lee-EdwardsBradly Forbes-CryansGeorge SpittalRichard HownslowJoe MorleyDavid BainGeorge Spittal
2012Campbell Walsh Joe ClarkeBradly Forbes-CryansAustin BarkerGeorge SpittalCampbell Walsh David BainBradly Forbes-CryansIan Bridges
2013Joe ClarkeJoe ClarkeBradly Forbes-CryansZachary AllinShaun Pearce Hannes Aigner (GER)Bradly Forbes-CryansBradly Forbes-CryansPeter Godfrey
2014Joe ClarkeJoe ClarkeZachary AllinZachary AllinSteve HarrettPavel Eigel (RUS)Joe ClarkeBradly Forbes-CryansMick Berwick
2015Huw SwetnamJoe ClarkeChris BowersPiers OliphantMike MitchellBenjamin Renia (FRA)Zachary AllinZachary AllinNot Awarded
2016Bradly Forbes-CryansBradly Forbes-CryansZachary AllinPeter LinksteadSteve HarrettBradly Forbes-CryansBradly Forbes-CryansZachary AllinNot Awarded