Covid permitting, we hope to be running a white water reunion event at Grandtully in 2021 with social evening (4th Sept), a slalom classic (4th Sept), a wild water race (5th Sept)
Grandtully is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and reunion participants may wish to arrive before the weekend and share walks etc. with others on a peer basis.

Please register your interest below to receive more information (please do not contact Strathallan Canoe Club or the SCA WWR as they are not taking entries).

The Slalom Classic event will be run based on the 1983’s rules (for Slalom 4mtr boats for K1 & C1 plus C2’s at 4.58mtr are encouraged)
There will be a bonus system taking paddlers / boat ages into account to give a fairer comparison.
Current safety regulations will apply i.e. Airbags for boats and current C.E. marked Buoyancy Aids / Crash Helmets.
Note the Strathallan Canoe Club will be organising the slalom event.

The WWR race will be based on similar information to the Slalom Classic information above and will be added in due course
Note The SCA WWR Committee will be organising the WWR event.

Data Protection

All data gathered following the completion of this form will only be utilised for the purposes of administering the reunion events run by the Canoeing Results Archive Society (CRAS) and to inform you of the activities of the society. Any personal data provided will be processed and stored in compliance with our Data Protection Policy which can be found here