Behind the successes of today’s GB Team there has been a steady, strong history of commitment by many in the sport, read on for Slalom Reunion 2019 news….

Meet up with your canoe slalom family, chat over great times at Lee Valley and spectate Finals of British Canoeing’s World Cup Slalom on Saturday 15 June 2019. Included is a chance to compete with each other on the Legacy Course. Slalom Reunion 2019 includes a meal to take place on the decking. We are grateful to British Canoeing for facilitating Slalom Reunion during the 3 days of World Cup 14-16 June 2019.

Pass this on to your contemporaries and more of them will attend!  Should be an amazing fun time for all ‘slalom generations’, including partners and other supporters. Why not spectate Sunday?

Booking Update, We are sad to say that the booking system has now closed to join the reunion evening/meal and slalom, however should you wish to spectate at the reunion slalom event this is still open to all the public and would be delighted if you wish to come and watch, practice runs are at 9am – 11am and competition runs are 13:30 – 15:30 on the legacy course.


You will need to purchase British Canoeing World Cup tickets for the day. 

NB. On the day there will also be a car park charge..