For the 15th of June we have compiled a list of attendees, so that others may see who’s attending and the possibility of lift sharing and also to discuss with friends where their accommodation might be.

Should you wish to contact somebody we are prepared to forward on your details to them. To do this use the contact form and please add relevant details such as your phone number / email address

If you would like to share with others where your accommodation is, we will add that to the attendees list, please use the  contact form to lets us know

We have taken the opportunity to see what accommodation is in the local area and our finds are ‘Here’

Main ContactConfirmed EntryKnown Party sizeStaying overnightOvernight accommodationsite locationcontact info
Peter KeaneYes2No
John MacLeodYes2
Malcolm PearceyYes2YesCampervanDobbs WeirDobbs Weir
George HodgsonYes2
Pete BellYes1
Fred DoodeyYes1YesCampervanDobbs WeirDobbs Weir
Sarah SwallowYes2
Dave RoyleYes2YesCampervanDobbs WeirDobbs Weir
Chris HowellsYes1
Ken LangfordYes1YesTravel LodgeHarlowPhone No. 0371-984-6289
Chris SkellernYes2YesPremier InnEnfield
Bob GrundyYes3
Allan TylerYes2
Ali CurrieYes2
Mike MitchellYes2
Chris BaillieYes2
Richard ArgueYes1
Geoff DinsdaleYes2
Dave ManbyYes2
John ShackletonYes2
Nick WainYes2
Graham MackerethYes2
Ross PeartonYes2No
Hugh MantleYes1
Jon GoodwinYes2
Ron HodgsonYes1
Lesley AnnanYes2
Graham GoldsmithYes2
Jim DolanYes2
Paul WoodYes2
Roy GarriockYes1
Jes TaylorYes1
Robin WilliamsYes1
Mark WolkensteinYes1
Pete GodfreyYes2
Vember Brown (Mortlock)Yes1
Nick TaylorYes2
Matthew Sykesyes2
Mark RichardsYes1
Eric JamiesonYes2
Jim SibleyYes2
Richard MooreYes1
Jane Wemyss-HoldenYes2
Graham GladwinYes2
Phil GoodingYes1
Patrick ThornYes2
Tony O'ConnellYes1YesCampervanDobbs WeirDobbs Weir
John GoslingYes2
James MorrisYes1
Roger HuytonYes1
Richard ComerYes1
Chris ArrowsmithYes1
Alan EdgeYes2
Julia KayYes2
Roger FoxYes1
Mike HillyardYes2
Steve GreenYes2
Albert WoodsYes2
Pete JanesYes1
David LindesayYes2
Jeff SlaterYes2
Mick HopkinsonYes2
Mark DelaneyYes1
Tony LeaverYes3
Stephen ChiversYes1
John JaapYes1
Gary GibsonYes2
Richard FoxYes2
Liz RadfordYes2
Ant WrightYes1
Ben Scott GeddesYes3
John DickinsonYes2
Paul FosterYes1
Peter AstlesYes3
Mike DruceYes1