For the 15th of June we are compiling a list of paddlers who have expressed an interest in paddling on the Lee Valley White Water Centre Legacy Channel, spaces are limited to approximately 50, however we will be creating a waiting list should any paddler decide not to paddle, this is has been created on a first come, first served basis

Reg NumberPaddler NameRequested to PaddleDiscipline
1Peter KeaneinterestedC1
3John MacLeodinterestedK1
5Malcolm PearceyinterestedK1
9Pete BellinterestedC1
11Fred DoodeyinterestedK1
14Melvin SwallowinterestedK1
15Dave RoyleinterestedC1
16Kay Royle (Longrigg)interestedK1
17Chris HowellsinterestedK1
19Ken LangfordinterestedK1
20Andy CloseinterestedK1
22Chris SkellerninterestedK1
24Bob GrundyinterestedK1
27Allan Tylerinterested??
29David CuthillinterestedK1
30Ali CurrieinterestedK1
34Mike MitchellinterestedK1
39Richard ArgueinterestedK1
41Geoff Dinsdaleinterested??
43Dave ManbyinterestedC1
46John ShackletoninterestedK1
48Nikky WaininterestedK1
54Keith WickhaminterestedK1
56Ross PeartoninterestedC1
58John HandysideinterestedK1
62Ron HodgsoninterestedK1
66Graham GoldsmithinterestedK1
70Dave JanesinterestedC1
72Paul WoodinterestedK1
76Jes TaylorinterestedC1
80Mark WolkensteininterestedC1
81Pete GodfreyinterestedK1
83Vember Brown (Mortlock)interested??
84Craig Browninterested??
88Nick TaylorinterestedK1
90Matthew Sykesinterested??
92Jonathan Malesinterested??
93Chris Woodinterested??
97Graham HelsbyinterestedK1
99Mark Richardsinterested??
106Mike Winterinterested??
109Andy CarrinterestedK1
111Richard Mooreinterested??
116Phil Goodinginterested??
117Pat Thorninterested??
Tony O'Connellinterested??
James MorrisinterestedK1
Roger Huytoninterested??
Richard Comer/ Richard MooreinterestedC2
Chris Arrowsmithinterested??
Alan EdgeWaiting ListK1
Julia KayWaiting ListK1W
Robin WilliamsWaiting ListC1
Steve & Philip GrenWaiting ListC2
Pete JanesWaiting List
David SmithWaiting List