For the 15th of June we have compiled a list of attendees, so that others may see who’s attending and the possibility of lift sharing and also to discuss with friends where their accommodation might be.

Should you wish to contact somebody we are prepared to forward on your details to them. To do this use the contact form and please add relevant details such as your phone number / email address

If you would like to share with others where your accommodation is, we will add that to the attendees list, please use the  contact form to lets us know

We have taken the opportunity to see what accommodation is in the local area and our finds are ‘Here’

Main ContactKnown Party sizeStaying overnightOvernight accommodationsite locationcontact info
Peter Keane3No
John MacLeod2
Malcolm Pearcey2YesCampervanDobbs WeirDobbs Weir
George Hodgson2
Pete Bell1
Fred Doodey2YesCampervanDobbs WeirDobbs Weir
Sarah Swallow2
Dave Royle2YesCampervanDobbs WeirDobbs Weir
Chris Howells2
Ken Langford1YesTravel LodgeHarlowPhone No. 0371-984-6289
Andy Close1
Paul Mew1
Chris Skellern2
Bob Grundy3
Allan Tyler2
David Cuthill1
Ali Currie1
Roger Manwaring2YesCampervanTBC
Emma Aldridge1
Mike Mitchell3
Chris Baillie2
Richard Argue2
Geoff Dinsdale2
Dave Manby2
John Shackleton2
Nikky Wain2
Nigel Midgely2
Graham Mackereth2
Keith Wickham2
Ross Pearton2No
John Handyside1
Hugh Mantle1
Jon Goodwin2
Ron Hodgson2
Lesley Annan2
Graham Goldsmith2
Jim Dolan2
Dave Janes2
Paul Wood2
Roy Garriock2
Jes Taylor2
Robin Williams1
Mark Wolkenstein1
Pete Godfrey2
Vember Brown (Mortlock)1
James Parker2
Emma Player1
Nick Taylor2
Matthew Sykes2
Jonathan Males1
Chris Wood1
Laurence Wibraham2
Graham Helsby2
Mark Richards4
Jan Pierce3
Mike Winter1
Eric Jamieson2
Jim Sibley2
Andy Carr2
Richard Moore1
Jane Wemyss-Holden2
Graham Gladwin2
Phil Gooding1
Patrick Thorn2
John Albert2
Chris Kevane1
Tony O'Connell2YesCampervanDobbs WeirDobbs Weir
John Gosling2
Michael Smithson1
Pete Astles1
James Morris1
Roger Huyton1
Richard Comer4
Chris Arrowsmith3
Alan Edge2
Julia Kay2
James Croft4
Tony Tickle2
Rebecca Smith3
Ian Clarke3
Matthew Sykes2
Roger Fox1
Sue Hornby1
Steve Green2
Albert Woods2
Pete Janes4
Geoffrey Forster2
David Smith1
David Lindesay2