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As you may be aware, the Canoeing Results (also Canoeing Photos) website is currently funded by an individual member of the group. However, it has been suggested that the longevity of the site and the data held on the website would be ensured by setting up a donation facility, should anyone feel they wish to help with the costs incurred. The overheads involved in the maintenance of this site include: the purchase of a number of licences and the annual expenses required to run the two websites; the postage costs incurred regarding the collecting of data from individual contributors and the purchase of scanners and other software required for processing the data received.
NB. Please note, these are entirely non-profit making websites.

Since our last update of archiving information in December 2020, we are pleased to announce we have had a major breakthrough in our results collection thanks to Nick Penfold

Years 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have been uploaded (500+ result sheets) and are virtually complete these can be found at Slalom Calendar and Results 1966-2012 – Canoeing Results Archive, we also have results from 2003 – 2007 in various digital formats that need a little work to be converted into a standardized PDF format, then we will concentrate on 2013 – 2017, all thanks to Nick Penfold.

In December it was mentioned we were investigating the possibility of creating a database for the Men’s K1 class at Div1 and Premier level. Mandy Delaney and Sarah Swallow have offered to help with the typing and are pleased to say we have now started creating the K1M database currently we have loaded all the results from 1970 – 1974 and are looking at 1968 & 1969, the results can be found at Summary of K1M Paddlers’ Results: Div 1,& Premier 1965 onwards – Canoeing Results Archive please note this is under construction and not the finished article many more years to add, there is a search box (top right) where you can enter your surname to help find your results

We are also pleased to announce that we have been working with some the Devizes – Westminster paddlers and have created a webpage of results which span from 1948 – 2019, these can be found Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race – Canoeing Results Archive

Should you want to contact us this can be done by using the contact form found here Contact Us – Canoeing Results Archive

We are currently processing Sarah / Melvin Swallow’s WWR results.