We are pleased to present an insight into the 1979 Canoe Polo season thanks to the note keeping of Brian Barfoot, lead member of Luton Youth Canoe Club (AKA Luton Tigers)
We are aware that we do not have all the match scores of the league events, however we are fortunate of have summaries of these results.
Should you have any information that will help complete the events we would be pleased to hear from you via our contact page

N.B. 1979 saw the first trial of a Canoe Polo National League 6 teams would form the event (on the day 5 teams managed to compete at Luton, some with depleted sides)

Canoe Polo League Calendar

National League 

Individual Tournaments

Knock Out Tournaments

International Tournaments

  • Crystal Palace 24th  February 1979
    • England A beat England B
    • Bere Forest beat Holland